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I have come across many interesting websites with a lot of indepth information about cheese. Take a look at my collection – I would appreciate if you let me know if you find a ‘dead link’ or if think I have missed a ‘must have’ link. Thanks!

I use this link often: EU’s database of protected cheeses. You can search for a specific cheese or cheeses from a specific country – on its way or already with a protection designation (PDO or PGI).


Danish PGI cheeses are described here. At the moment we have esrom, danablu og danbo registered as PGI cheeses.


British Cheese Board is a website with a lot of information about British cheeses, facts, stories, recipes etc.

Stilton: This is the official website about Stilton.


Abondance: This beutiful website about Abondance AOP tells the story about the cheese in stunning photos and word. There is also a French version with more info.

The AOP cheeses (protected designation of origin) are gathered on this website.

Banon AOP: The organisationen behind Banon AOP has made this website with information about the small goat cheese.

Beaufort AOP: The official website in French with the story about the cheese, the area and recipes.

Bries with caracter (Brie de Meaux AOP and Brie Melun AOP): The website of the organisation of producers contains facts about the cheeses as well as recipes. In French.

Camembert de Normandie AOP: The official website in French and English.

Comté AOP: The official website in French with lots of information.

Crottin de Chavignol AOP: The smallest cheese of the world also has an official website. Only in French.

Goat cheese. France is the largest producer of goat cheese, and this campaign site is made for the US and contains a lot of information about goat cheeses. From types and maturing to recipes and pairings.

Langres AOP: The official website behind the small redsmear cheese from Champagne. Only in French.

Livarot AOP: The official site with AOP cheeses from Normandy also covers Livarot. In English (but recipes are in French).

Mont d’Or: A website about Mont d’Or AOP with lots of information – in French.

Morbier: The website about Morbier AOP describes the story behind the cheese, the recipe and gives you recipes with morbier. In French.

Neufchatel: Neufchatel AOP – a wonderful cheese from Normandy with the shape of a heart.

Ossau Iraty AOP: A stunning sheep milk cheese from the Pyrenees. On the official website you find photoes, recipes and information about the cheese. In French.

Pont l’Evêque AOP: Read about the cheese from Normandy. The website is in English and has an extended French version.

Reblochón de Savoie AOP: A website with the story behind the cheese, the cows, the area and a lot more. Also recipes. In English and French.

Roquefort is one of the oldest cheeses in France. You can visit the caves where the cheeses mature. Read about the cheese, the village, terroir and plan your visit on this website which is in French.

Saint-Nectaire AOP is one of the five AOP cheeses from Auvergnes.. Enjoy the beautiful photos and learn more about the cheese on its website which is in French.

Tomme de Savoie IGP – the regional cheese has its own website with information about the cheese and the background as well as recipes. In French.


Behind this website is a Greek cheese producer. Here you can read about the feta cheese but also many other Greek cheeses. In Greek and English.


A rich source of information about Italian cheese is found on, (only in Italian). Among other things you can search for a region and read about the local cheeses.

Asiago: The consortium behind Asiago has a beautiful and informative website (also in English).

Fontina DOP: The website (also in English) of the consortium behind the cheese from the Aosta valley.

Gorgonzola DOP: The official website (in Italian).

Grana Padano DOP: The consortium’s website (in English) tells about the cheese in words and video, you can also find recipes.

Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP: The website of the consortium (in English). You can also read about the buffalos.

Parmigiano Reggiano DOP: The consortium’s website (in English) is full of information about this cheese from cow to table.

Pecorino Sardo DOP. The sheep milk cheese from Sardinia has an informative website (primarily in Italian). Here you can read about the cheese and its origin.

Pecorino Toscano DOP. The sheep milk cheese’s website (in English) tells about the cheese, the story behind and has recipes.

Taleggio DOP: The official website with information and recipes about the cheese that melts so well. In English.


Appenzeller AOP: A website with stunning photoes and information about the spicy mountain cheese. In English.

Emmental: Website in English with information about the swiss Emmental AOP.

Gruyère AOP: An informative website about the great raw milk cheese – from the story behind to recipes and a guide to find a dairy nearby.


Cabrales: The official website for Cabrales DOP tell the story behind the blue mould cheese, how it is produced, gives recipes, etc. Only in Spanish.

The consortium behind Mahón-Menorca DOP has a website with description of the cheese, history, production, recipes and more. Also in English.

Majorero DOP comes from Fuerteventura and is a goat cheese covered with olie and paprika during maturation. The official website is in Spanish.

Manchego DOP: The official website (in Spanish) describes the cheese, the manchega sheep, production etc.

Murcia al vino DOP is goat cheese matured in red wine. It is one of three DOP cheeses from Murcia. Read about the cheeses on the website of the consortium behind (in Spanish).

San Simón da Costa DOP (smoked cheese from Galicia) has a website, also in English.

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