Goat cheese tapas

A fresh goat cheese snack

At Easter we celebrated a big birthday in the family. We started outside in the late afternoon sun with cool white wine in the glasses, small goat cheese snacks and tasteful sausages I had bought in Amsterdam.

Goat cheese tapas

I mixed the fresh goat cheese with honey and crème fraîche / sour cream. You can adjust the taste and texture as you like by changing the amounts. Furthermore, I was in the garden to find dandelions which I have decided to embrace this summer and enjoy in salads and snacks in stead of getting stressed about it.

Goat cheese tapas

Fresh goat cheese snack

Ingredients (snacks for min. 20 persons)

  • 200 g / 7 oz fresh goat cheese

  • 50 g /1.75 oz crème fraîche / sour cream

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • freshly grind pepper

  • crispbread

  • blue berries

  • fresh thyme, leaves from

  • dandelion, leaves from


  • Mix goat cheese with sour cream and adjust the taste med honey and pepper.
  • Break the crispbread into the sizes you want. Add the cream on top (you may want to use a piping bag).
  • Decorate with blue berries, leaves from thyme and dandelion.

The sausages come from a small Dutch company called Brandt & Levie. Three friends who were also chefs began eight years ago to make their own sausages and other meat products from pigs. They went to Italy to learn how to make dry sausages. All pigs are organic, free range and from the Netherlands. Every single part on the pig is used for something. For instance the pig hoofs are used for soap. Their vision is to make as natural and homemade products as possible. Needless to say, the taste is great.

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