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Today is National Cheese Lovers Day. I couldn’t find a better day to launch this cheese blog than today. The day for all cheese lovers. And the day I felt ready to spread the word about this new blog.

What is will gradually be filled with stories about European cheeses. The classics we have known for centuries – and the newcomers which might (or might not) become a future classic. You will also find stories that will make any cheese nerd happy. And recipes. Hopefully, I can inspire you to use and enjoy cheese in old and new ways.

Cheese Talks - new cheese blog

Who is this cheese blogger?

My name is Camilla and I have had my Danish cheese blog since 2012. Actually, I am the only cheese blogger in Denmark 🙂
If you want to know more about me – you can find it here.

Ok, what now?

If you love cheese, I will invite you to follow Cheese Talks and see what it’s all about. Please:

Of course I hope you will stay on for ever 🙂 but if you come to the conclusion, that Cheese Talks won’t make your cheese life better, you can always cancel your subscriptions.

Cheese Talks - new cheese blog

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