As many people spent the summer on ‘staycation’ due to covid-19, an idea ocurred to me. Where would Danes find an overview of all cheese experiences worth visiting in Denmark? Such a thing didn’t exist – and therefore I created the #CheeseTrail2020.

Follow the goat signs which lead the way to Lykkelund Goat Dairy on the island Bornholm. Here you can enjoy a break in the café, taste the ice cream or cheese made of milk from the goats and have a chat with the two ladies behind it all.

New map leads the way

My first thought about cheese experiences went to the dairies. Many have small shops open to the public or even cafés where you can enjoy their cheeses. But what about cheese shops and farm shops? And what about the cozy places that serve a sublime cheese experience?

As mentioned, that map didn’t exist, so I decided to make it myself 🙂 With the help of the cheese network, the map now contains more than 140 places (dairies, cheese shops, farm shops, restaurants and sights). The card is never finished. New places will come if I meet some myself – or others tip me.

You can see the map right here. (Right now it’s in Danish, but I’m sure you’ll get the idea). If your way passes Denmark, you can save the link and use it along the way to check out local cheese experiences – and get driving directions.

Milking goats
Visit Claus and Summer at Copenhagen Goat Milk.
Taste and buy their cheeses and meet the couple behind this small farm dairy.

Have an enriching talk and a good bite

If you like to have a chat with the people who make the cheese, sell the cheese or serve the cheese, then there is plenty of opportunity for that (as long as you avoid the most busy time). Remember to ask, wonder and be curious about their story!

Find a comfortable spot in a soft sofa at Our Market (in Farum or Frederiksberg) and enjoy a bite of well matured comté etc. and enjoy the informal French atmosphere which prevails in the shop, which is also a café and warehouse at the same time.

Never ending process

This is the Danish #CheeseTrail2020 – and so far (mid August) the map has been seen 6.000 times and still counting.

I’m now working on a version 2.0 for next year. Larger reach, more fun and more action based.

Please inspire me: Do you know other cheese trails around the world? Please write a comment – I will really appreciate it. Thanks.


  1. gordon brown

    Incredible job, clearly this will continue to grow! I’m not being much of a help here Camilla but I am looking forward to following some of your stops on the Danish cheese trail, got any info for Sweden? Is June too late to avoid high tourism ? Appreciate!

  2. Alyce Birchenough

    HI Camilla! Sounds like you’re having summer fun. Here is a link to a cheese trail in North Carolina in the US. http://nccheesetrail.com/ best regards, Alyce Birchenough

    • Thank you very much, Alyce! Are you on the cheese trail?
      It’s great to see what others have already discovered.
      Hope everything is fine with you!

      Best regards,

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