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LeCheese – THE cheese app

(Since the publication of this blog post, the app has stopped working. I have left the blog post – maybe it will inspire somebody to take up this big and valuable work?!).

I have long been wondering why we don’t have a cheese app (and I didn’t know how to build it myself…). The world of wine has Vivino but cheese enthusiasts don’t have one single place with information about all cheeses. Until now, where the app LeCheese has been launched.

Cheese loving software developer

The story of the app begins with Brazilian Zeno and his wife who today live in the US. As a child, Zeno loved when his grandfather brought local cheeses from the countryside of Brazil. A deep passion for cheese was founded.

LeCheese app

Just as big as his love for cheese was the frustration when Zeno and his wife once more stood in front of the cheese counter. Eager and curios to try new cheeses, but unsure of what to expect of taste, background story etc.

LeCheese app
A flashback to Italy where Zeno and his wife made pizzas
– probably with a good mozzarella on top…

Being a software developer, Zeno decided to do something about it and built the app, all cheese enthusiasts were waiting for.

LeCheese app

The app

More than 2.000 cheeses have already found their way to LeCheese. Like a wiki-cheese you can add a photo, rate a cheese, write a comment, send in a correction or create your own wish list. Not to mention all the info you can find about each cheese.

‘Our mission is to catalog all the cheeses that exist in the world. This is something that has never been done before, but I am sure that together it is possible,’ says Zeno Rocha, founder of LeCheese.

LeCheese app


  1. The app is no longer available on the Apple App Store. It is still loaded on, but has ceased functioning on my iPhone (US).

  2. That’s amazing! Thank you so much for sharing our story and let’s keep eating great cheese 🙂

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