Cheese for two

To be honest, I don’t personally celebrate Valentine’s Day. Nor do I celebrate Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Not because I am an uncaring cold fish but because I believe we should remember to celebrate love every single day of the year. And that every day should be good for mothers and fathers.


Say it with… cheese

Valentine’s Day or not, one way to express love is to give an unexpected, personally curated and well considered gift. It can be a small plate with great cheeses served at the right moment.


Express your love through cheese

Find two small plates or saucers. Place your love’s favourite cheeses on them. Or toast a bread, top with cheese and maybe a bit of compote. And most important: Spend the break together, enjoy the cheese moment. The small moments matter!

Here the cheeses are accompanied by two types of white wine; a dry and a slightly sweet

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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