My new life as cheese communicator

Around the world, we are witnessing big changes these days. The COVID-19 is the reason that we here in Denmark have closed kindergartens, schools – and most people work from home. I have been looking so much forward to joining Cheese Journeys on a cheddar odyssey to the UK at the end of March. Of course, we cannot go there right now – and the trip will most certainly be postponed.

A new cheese chapter

Being ‘grounded’ is not the only change taking place here. By April 1, I will become freelance cheese communicator which is a new adventure for me.


My trip with Cheese Journeys should have been my first job being part of the team and not a guest. Cheese Journeys is an American business which makes unique cheese trips for professionals and enthusiasts.

Five fully packed days were waiting for us. Dairy visits, cheese tastings, a special evening with artisan cheese makers – just to mention some of the activities:

What does a cheese communicator do?

Just think about all the amazing and great stories you can tell about cheese. From the origin and the story behind to how you get the best out of your cheese moment. Knowledge and inspiration has always been the focus behind my blog in Danish and this one, and will still be my focus onwards…

Everyone who produces cheese, sells cheese or lets cheese be part of events/travels need to tell the good stories. I can help them doing this. Written (in print or uploaded), spoken (for instance in cheese tastings) and in images.


Why Cheese Journeys?

This is a question, I have been asked many times here in Denmark. How did this happen? Actually, it’s a fun story. A couple of years ago, I was snugged up in the couch at my friend’s place. Feet up and with a glass of wine. We talked about dreams and projects. I told her about this instagram profile I had come across with images of grazing cows on lush Alpine meadows, hands full of cheese curds, beautiful cheese plates and people in small traditional dairies. The profile belonged to Cheese Journeys and the photoes were from the amazing trips open for all cheese fans.

Back to the couch. I thought: ‘I would just love to be part of that!’. And I decided to write to Anna who is Mrs. Cheese Journeys herself. And so I did.

Mrs. Cheese Journeys

That mail became the first of several, and in 2019 I joined Cheese Journeys in Holland. And hopefully, I will go on the cheddar odysseu later this year. Rest assured, dear readers, you will hear a lot more about cheddar later!

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