Fromage a trois

Paris. Love. Cheese.

Fromage à trois. Paris. Love. Cheese.

This is the title of a ‘feel good’ book which takes place in the center of Paris. And where love and cheese play equally big parts of the book. Just the right mix for a romantic cheese lover.

It all began with comté…

Australian Ella is heartbroken. She decides to get away – and why not go to Paris where she had her first bit of a fruity and nutty comté and so many other happy memories… Suddenly and with a one-way ticket in her hand, she is in Paris. Searching for a job, an apartment and happiness… and wouldn’t the best way be to start with some cheese? She meets Paris through the cosy cafés (and their cheese plates) and of course she finds her favorit cheese monger. We follow Ella through her first year – and in her company we go through a lot of cheeses 🙂

I’m telling you: If you’re in to cheese, Paris and romance – you’ll love this book!

Fromage a trois

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have you read about urban dairies in Paris?

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