Brie with pomegranate

Brie snack in two minutes

One of things I love about cheese is that it is fast food. In the good sense of the word. Because in a few moments you can create a magical serving (just remember to take out the moulded cheeses from the fridge in advance).


Brie with pomegranate

If you have unexpected guests.
If you come home late one night.
If you feel tired.
If if if… there can be many occasions where this snack is the perfect thing.

Brie with pomegranate

Brie snack with pomegranate

When I last made these snacks, we had guests in the house. Therefore, I didn’t measure the ingredients, but I am sure you can find your own way anyway… 🙂


  • Pomegranate, the seeds from
  • Honey
  • Bread
  • Fresh rosemary
  • Brie
  • Balsamico glace


  • Mix pomegranate with a bit of honey.
  • Toast the bread slices in the oven (200°C / 390°F for 5-7 minutes. Let them cool.
  • Place slices of brie on the bread, top with pomegranate og sprinkle with rosemary and balsamico glace.
  • Enjoy! (You can also serve the pomegranate in a small bowl beside the brie snacks.)
Brie with pomegranate

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